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Our Mission

Our Mission at Piano TV is to build a Comprehensive Piano Video Knowledgebase that helps consumers learn more about the benefits of owning and playing the piano. We believe that a music education is a profoundly important part of our children's education, and are committed through our video performances and presentations to promoting the restoration of music to our K - 12 educational systems. We are also committed to helping piano professionals, businesses, organizations and institutions advertise and promote themselves more effectively through our free video hosting, sharing, and paid sponsorship – advertising opportunities.

What is Piano TV?

Piano TV is a video sharing and hosting website where piano professionals, businesses, organizations and institutions can promote themselves through videos - music performances, educational presentations that entertain and inform the consumer. For many, hosting and sharing a video, as a Basic Contributor, will be sufficient for gaining valuable online exposure. If you are interested in a higher profile exposure, feel free to contact us about our sponsorship – advertising programs.

What kind of videos do we accept?

Piano TV does have specific guidelines for the type of video content that we accept. As a general rule of thumb, we require video content that entertains, educates, and informs the public. We also have guidelines and limits to the size and length of the videos that we accept. The three main video categories on Piano TV are Music Performances, Educational Presentations and Promotional Content. Piano TV welcomes music performances from all levels and ranges of expertise and competency. In addition, we also welcome music performances from orchestras, quartets, jazz ensembles, etc.

Additional Guidelines for submitting a video

There are additional guidelines for submitting a musical performance, an educational presentation or a promotional video. We require that you to submit a succinct description of your work. You will need to gain access to our file sharing service. Your video will need to be within a certain size and length, and the character of your work must adhere to our stipulations for quality of content.

Please take the time to find out how you can protect your work and share your video by licensing it through Creative Commons.


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