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How to Get the Most out of Piano TV Videos

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What Kind Of Video Format You Need in Order To Get the Most Out of Piano TV?

We use Flash Video extensively on Piano TV. To find out if your computer is equipped with the latest Flash Player or if you have it at all, go to Adobe , where you can download the latest version with ease. Make sure you download the version appropriate for the browser or browsers that you use.

Other Web Video Formats And Players

There are several other very popular types of video formats that are used out there on the web. What is important for you to know about Piano TV is that we use flash video exclusively. Flash is the most widely used, highest quality and flexible format available.

Here is a brief overview and list of other video types and formats.

  1. For flash video there are flv and swf
  2. For Quicktime - .mp4, .mov.
  3. Windows Media - .avi, .wmv, .wma
  4. DivX for .avi
  5. Xvid for .avi
  6. .mpg for DVD's
  7. .mpg for VCD
  8. .mp3 and .wav for Audio only
  9. .mp4 and .mpeg4 for Ipods
  10. .mp4 for Xbox
  11. Ps3 HQ for .mp4 for Old, New TV and HDTV format

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