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What is the purpose of education in our culture? Whatever your beliefs are, tons of research shows that there is no better way to strengthen young minds than through the appreciation and study of music. Why write on and on about reinstating music to our kids core curriculum, while all the trends are pointing in the opposite direction? It's simple. Smoking cigarettes used to be a popular and trendy thing to do. Now look at it. It's taboo and becoming less popular by the day.

Similarly, if the music removal trend setters and the public knew just what they were doing, they might start thinking twice about doing it. So we will continue to write numerous articles about what music really is and why it is essential.

Is there an education purpose to sending your kid to a summer music camp?

Music study can benefit us in so many ways. Here we show how some young adults go to a summer music camp like Rocky Ridge Music Center.

They have the opportunity to get in touch with themselves, away from the distractions of technology, working on their personal development and working with other young musicians on music and in the community.

Is there any better example or purpose of education in our society than to clear our minds so we can think and use our brains towards a higher purpose? That is what happens at Rocky Ridge Music Center, located in Rocky Mountain National Park, just at the base of 14, 255' Longs Peak.


Rocky Ridge Music Center - Getting In Touch With the Music Within


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