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Music - Educational Talks and Great Performances

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Thought Provoking Discussions About Music - Performances and Demonstrations from World Renown Musicians, Thinkers and Technology Experts

The theme throughout these videos is how music benefits humanity. It may sound like an exaggeration but sad to say - in many ways in our American Culture, we have lost our thread in comprehending the importance of music. This is evidenced by the de-emphasis and demise of music education in our schools and education systems. Though music may seem to be thriving commercially in the popular realm, support and emphasis in our culture, for a musical view and understanding of the world is non-existent.

Our society and culture is paying the price. The remedy is to reeducate ourselves and our policy makers. The paradigm has to shift form "Every Child Left Behind" to "Every Mind Needs Music."

What is the future of Music?

Featured are thought provoking talks about playing without fingers, new instrument technologies, Benjamin Zander discussing the intricacies musical performance, music passion – an alternative breath of fresh air. Music wars is a humorous look at the history of music on the internet, listen to music is listening as medicine. For mini concerts listen to Ting ting, a musical joke and child prodigy Sirena Huang play.



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