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Piano Technical Organizations

Piano technical organizations support the people who work on pianos such as piano tuners, technicians, rebuilders. They also help educate the public about piano maintenance, piano consumer issues, etc. There a number of such organizations, international and national. The premier national organization in the United States is The Piano Technicians Guild.

Montage, is a video that briefly describes the kind of continuing education that is supported by The Piano Technicians Guild.

Musician Associations

Some musician organizations affiliate with labor unions such as the AFL –CIO that help to enforce work standards for their members. These organizations can provide other services in support of musicians by helping consumers find qualified members - musicians, arrangers, singers from differing styles and groups, ranging from folk singles, duos, and jazz and rock combos.

Music Schools

We will cover neighborhood and community music schools, colleges and universities that teach all musical instruments and styles.


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