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Piano Dealers:
Mid - Point Between The Factory And The Home

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Buying Pointers - What To Look For In A Piano Merchant

Piano dealers provide an essential resource for the consumer and the manufacturer. A generation ago, premier brands such as Steinway and Baldwin Piano Companies had agreements with dealers who would exclusively sell only their brand. Things have changed a great deal since then.

Nowadays, if you walk into a Yamaha Piano Store you are just as likely to see a Steinway, Kawai and or a mix of Asian pianos for sale. Some dealers specialize in selling a particular name brand and others, a range of brands.

Kawai Piano Store (Omotesando)
in Tokyo, Japan

For instance, some specialize in selling German, Asian or European brands or a mix of new, used and restored pianos or electronic music equipment, keyboards and acoustic brands, Bechstein, Seiler, Samick. In order to sell new piano lines, the dealer has to have an agreement with the manufacturer that allows them to do so. Most of these agreements only allow the merchant to sell their products in specific geographic vicinities.

Piano dealers provide other vital services for the end user. When a piano is shipped from the factory, the dealer will un-box it and perform several rounds of "dealer prep" covering any issues that might come up. Because pianos are made primarily from wood and have 40,000 lbs of tension on the structure, any given piano will need a round of tunings, and regulation and other adjustments to prepare it for the customers home.

Aside from providing warrantee services for the manufacturer in case something goes wrong, other services include educating  the prospective piano owners about proper maintenance, supporting or directly providing the infrastructure for pianos lessons, or names of professional piano teachers and musical and cultural events.

Most dealers will employ or contract the services of piano tuners, technicians, refinishers, touch up furniture repair people and even a rebuilder who can do major restoration . To summarize, good piano dealers are an irreplaceable resource for piano owners and manufacturers alike.


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