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Piano Moving:
Transport Your 500 To Half Ton Instrument
Without A Scratch

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Factors You Should Consider When Hiring a Piano Mover

Piano movers are a special breed. Whether you own a grand or an upright, you should get some tips on what to look for in a mover prior to calling for a quote. Consider the following things.

1. You need to hire a professional, someone who primarily moves pianos all the time.

2. Hire someone who is setup as a real business, bonded and BBB Certified would be good.

Piano Movers Moving A Piano -
Piano Moving Tips

3. You do not want to use regular household movers if at all possible unless they also have extensive experience moving pianos. There is a big difference between moving a kitchen table and other furniture vs. moving a piano. Any given piano weighs from 450 lbs to more than a 1/2 a ton and can cost from a thousand to 150 thousand dollars or more.

4. Moving a piano requires more than muscle. There is a definite technique involved in transporting such a heavy item that is also fine furniture. The risk of damaging the piano cabinet (wood) or gashing walls is just too great.

Many established movers provide other services such as piano storage facilities. Some have humidity-controlled buildings. Many piano movers also do organ moving also. Some movers are also in the piano service business moving either their own instruments or those of other piano owners, schools, or churches.

Variables that movers charge for are the distance between the to and from locations, the size, and weight of the instrument, the number of staircases, the difficulty of the move, clearance factors. Sometimes it is necessary to take railings, doors, and other house parts apart so that a move can be accomplished and in some cases where there is limited access, a piano has to be hoisted through a 2nd or 3rd floor window. Here are more piano moving tips.

Long Distance vs. Local Moving

There are many more local movers than there are long distance movers. All movers require the proper piano moving equipment. To move a piano cross-country, long distance piano movers usual have a huge, jumbo moving rig (trucks) that enables them to move as many instruments at a time as possible to make the expense of transportation cost effective for their business and the customer.


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