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Piano Music:
How One Instrument Dominates Western Music

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Is the modern piano the king of instruments? There is more music written for the piano over the past two centuries than for any other instrument. Outside of the organ, the piano is the only instrument that allows the player to play melody and harmony at the same time. Even though string instruments, like the violin and cello are at least as hard to master as the piano, music teachers and schools require students to learn the piano as a second instrument.

So many people listen to piano music that it has become indelible engraved into our cultural consciousness. In the pop realm, many love to hear piano music in romantic songs, show tunes, Led Zeppelin, Broadway music and holiday music. The music of Billy Joel and Elton John is all piano and vocal. In the classical realm, the music of Chopin, Brahms, Beethoven, Dvorak, Debussy, Mozart, Bach, Satie and Scriabin is synonymous to the piano. George Winston's piano is widely listened to by those who love New Age music.

The rhythm section is the core music ensemble of all Jazz and is comprised of three instruments, piano, bass and drums. Jazz legends like, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Art Tatum were all masterful piano players.

One way to get piano music nowadays is to download sheet music online. Some sheet music is free or cost a minimum amount of money and it is very accessible and easy to purchase. Another way is to go to the music store and buy the latest Urtext edition of Beethoven Piano Sonatas or Chopin Ballads.


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