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Finding a Piano Teacher

Finding a piano teacher is relatively easy. One way is to inquire into music teacher organizations. There are numerous national organizations that advance the cause of teaching the piano. The National Piano Foundation educates the public about the benefits of owning and learning the piano. The Music Teachers National Association promotes the benefits of music study.

There are also numerous local Music Teachers Associations'. To name a few - Madison Area Piano Teachers Assoc, Inc. , Beaver Creek Piano Teachers, MTAC or Music Teachers Association California, Pittsburgh Piano Teachers, Raleigh Piano Teachers and there are many, many more.

A Piano Teacher Teaching A Student

Local piano dealers also work hand in hand with and support many local piano teachers. They support them by allowing them to use their facilities for recitals, seminars and student concerts. In turn, the teachers send their students to their store to buy their pianos.

What kind of teaching method works the best?

There are many more teaching methods and approaches than in the old days where the conventional approach was THE WAY to learn how to play the piano. It is pointless to say that one approach is better than another is, though there are surely opinions amongst teachers and students who have either taught or learned from differing methods.

The emphasis with the conventional method is to learn how to read music immediately as a beginner and develop your overall skills as you go along. The Suzuki method is another prominent approach towards teaching very young children to learn initially by ear without immediately reading written music.

How to avoid the piano lesson failure trap

Many attempt to learn how to play the piano and end up frustrated in the process. A classic story is how your parents forced you to take piano lessons when you were a kid. Didn't like the teacher or the gig and bolted, never to play a note again. Years later, you regret you decision, but now it’s too late. The sad truth is how this story is so common; it is almost a cliché on the "failure" and "plight" of attempting to learn to play the piano.

One of the fundamental errors that some parents make when enlisting their children for piano lessons is the lopsided emphasis on "learning to play" Such parents often don't understand their role in helping their child succeed. It is essential to get your child, early on at home, to listen to good music as much as possible. It is easy enough to do by simply substituting music for the television, computer, or video games. You routinely turn on the music, when possible, and have it playing in the background, so that your child becomes used to hearing it without thinking about it.

Since music is in many ways very similar to language, eventually, your child will be hearing and thinking the music even when it is not playing. This process of mentally hearing and comprehending music, even when no physical sound is present is called audiation. The brain gives meaning to musical sounds through a cognitive process. In essence, audiation of music is analogous to thinking in a language. What is so good about this? Listening to good music and learning a musical instrument such as the piano can deepen your child’s thinking capabilities.

What is good music?

What is good music? There are scientific studies on how listening to Mozart raises the listeners IQ. What is most important is to listen to music that has a clear melody, harmony, and counterpoint versus "music" that is noise (like heavy metal.) As a parent, the more you can get your child to hear and listen to good quality music, the more likely your child will have a viable basis in learning the piano or any instrument for that matter.

How do you know your teacher is right for you or your child?

It might sound silly to say but if your child is interested, motivated and learning how to play, the teacher must be doing somewhat of a good job. If the opposite is true, you might want to consider looking for another teacher after you have eliminated other possibilities or issues.


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