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Piano Tuners:
Tuning Your Spinet, Grand, Steinway, Yamaha, Old Upright Requires Skill, Patience And Much Experience

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Piano Tuning Facts - Believe It Or Not

Are you looking for piano service? Call the piano tuner. However, if you want the job done right, make sure your piano tuner is technically qualified to accomplish repairs, restorations and adjustments that may be needed above and beyond the tuning. In other words, make sure your "piano tuner" is a qualified piano technician.

So what is it about piano service that makes us call the piano service man a piano tuner? It is because piano tuning is one of those notable occupations in life that lead to lasting impressions, clichés, bad jokes, and impressions that no one can or is able to forget. If you are a new, first time or casual piano owner, what are you to make of piano tuning? This guy or gal walks into your house, stands there for an hour or two, leaning over and pinging at your piano the same notes over and over and over again.

Piano Tuning School For The Blind -
What Does It Take To Become A Piano Tuner

Repetition And Invisible Movements

Perhaps It is through the sheer repetitiveness and apparent redundancy that his/her occupation requires, that it baffles us. Pianos are constructed of 80% wood, the average piano has about 20 tons of tension on it. It is possible that the best piano in the world tuned by the best piano tuner in the world can at any moment, for many reasons go out of tune at any time. In essence, tuners deal with unseen enormous forces which occur over minute invisible dimensions that are perceptible and accountable only by the trained ear.

Your piano is a living breathing thing. When you consider the forces that act upon  it such as humidity changes, direct exposure to sunlight, temperature changes, and location changes, it all becomes apparent why you need to have it tuned on a regular basis, whether or not it is played often or not.

What You Should Expect From Your Piano Tuner

Your piano tuner should and must try to help you understand what and why he is doing what he is doing. In order to do this, your piano tuner should be able to perform minor and major repairs, adjustments, regulate the action, voice the hammers, make recommendations that optimize the function and behavior of your instrument so that you can get the most satisfaction from owning it.

In turn, as the customer, you need to work hand in hand with your piano tuner-technician to follow his or her recommendations. The truth about piano tuning is that it is no joke. During the one or two hour or so that your tuner is in your home, he should be able to make a very comprehensive evaluation of the overall health of your instrument and offer proactive recommendations for you to follow.

It takes the beginner anywhere from 500 to 1000 attempts at tuning to even begin to develop a facility and understanding of what he or she is doing. After that, it can take years before that person can walk into your home, do a quality job and satisfy most of his clientele.


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