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Förster Pianos

Friedrich August Förster, born July 30th, 1829 worked as a cabinet maker after several years of apprenticeship, where he started his work on musical instruments. In Löbau, studied piano building with Mr. Hieke and Karl August Eule.

He made his first piano in 1862 where he established the first factory building in the suburbs of Löbau in today's Jahn street.

The business was taken over by his son Caesar Foerster  where in 1900 he founded a branch factory in Georgswalde, Bohemia.




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Gerhard and Manfred Foerster took over the management of the company in 1915, after the death of Caesar. The company thrives today as a private business after having gone through many difficult transitions through the years. August Förster Piano Company is committed to building supremely well hand crafted instruments for the musical piano connoisseur.

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