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Beethoven Sonata For Cello And Piano

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Rostropovich Cello and Piano

Cellist Mstislav Rostropovich plays the music of Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Major with Pianist Ricter.

Two of the great 20th Century Classical Music Musicians

Rostropovich started in music at age 4, learning the piano with his mother and the cello age 10 with his father who was a notable and well-known cellist. He became a professor of cello in 1956 at the Moscow conservatory.

He had studied with many great composers - Prokofiev, Shostakovitch, Kabalevsky.


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His career blossomed in Russia until he became a spokesperson for Cultural Freedom and later on an exile. Known for his great performances worldwide, his health declined until he recently died of cancer in 2007.

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