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Theremin - Playing Music
Without Fingers

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Playing Theremin

Pamelia Kursten, from Southern California, is a renowned Thereminist. The Theremin is an early 20th century electronic musical instrument that is played by the musician WITHOUT ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT.

Who Invented The Theremin?

Russian, Leon Theremin in 1928, invented it. The Theremin, which was used in movies like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Spellbound", was relegated to the "dated sound effects storage room" of musical instruments.

It looks somewhat


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strange when played as it has two antennas sense the position of the player’s hands. This electronic instrument - device amplifies the signals to the speakers.Pemelia demonstrates how it is possible to play music without touching anything. Her demonstration shows how music is an extension of the musician and the musical instrument provides the medium.

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