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Mason & Hamlin AA - Touch Weight Corrected

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Improving the Touch and Feel of a Vintage Piano

What happens when you replace the original action parts (keyboard mechanism) of a vintage instrument like a Mason & Hamlin AA and it turns out that the piano consequently has an uncomfortably heavy touch as a result of the change?

As it turns out, the cottage industry of replicating replacement parts for premium quality pianos has been a work in progress for the past 35 years or more and continues to improve. Because of this ongoing work and in combination with the work of many conscientious technicians, we have, at present,  a much better ability


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than ever before (in terms of quality and accuracy of available replacement parts) to restore the proper touch and feel to vintage instruments that were manufactured in a different era. The piano in question in this video series, was restored about 25 years ago. The action parts were quality parts purchased and installed at that time.

In this video, Joe Woods, Jim and Eben Goresko confer on what the appropriate course of action should be to correct the problem.

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