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Dealer Prep

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What is Dealer Prep?

In this interview, Eben Goresko asks David Hebert of Woods & Son Piano Company to explain what dealer prep is and why it is essential for the piano customer.

How to ensure that your piano will function properly in your home so that you get maximum performance, life and pleasure from your instrument?

Make sure that your dealer does adequate prepping of your instrument.

Whether your dealer ships a piano from New York or from China, he should pay substantial attention to tuning, regulating and voicing of the instrument after it arrives in his store. All acoustic pianos are made of 80% wood. The remaining 20% consists of metal, felts, glue, buckskins, and miscellaneous components. No matter how expensive a piano is, minute changes occur to the instrument from the time it leaves the factory and arrives to the dealer.

The dealer will then tune and retune the "green" piano as needed, adjust the action through regulation so that it feels responsive and consistent from key to key when played and if necessary voice or regulate the tone so that the customer can gain a



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concrete and accurate sense of the character of the instrument. This piano preparation will set the foundation for additional follow-up required by the piano owner. The responsible piano dealer will educate the customer on their maintenance responsibilities.

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