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How To Submit A Music Performance
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Submitting a Music Performance


Before you submit a video, you should be aware of following guidelines. With every video you must include a description, music title, general information about the music, your credentials, the credentials of musicians (if ensemble, orchestra, etc). We will then add this information to the page where your video will appear. It is not up to Piano TV to represent you, it is your responsibility to represent yourself! You can send this information in a text file along with you video when you upload it or mail it to us on a DVD or on a separate disk to the following address. Do not write it out on a sheet of paper!


Uploading a video

To upload your video to us, you will need to use our File Sharing Service on You can access our sharing space after you sign up as a subscriber to our free service through a simple double opt in procedure. The opt in will require your name, email address, a brief statement of what kind of presentation you will be submitting. After you opt in, you will receive an email from Piano TV that gives you an access code that will enable you to use our file sharing space.

Size and format of video

Your video cannot exceed 1000 mb. We would prefer your video to be in a wmv, avi, mpeg or flv format. If it is in some other format, we will attempt to work with it by converting it into flash format. Flash is our video format of choice at Piano TV and we encourage all our users to stay current by uploading the latest Flash Player version available on the Adobe website.

Adhering to these and the following guidelines and parameters will ensure that your video will be posted quickly.

Quality of content

We do not accept music that is "noise" or some kind of pointless prank or a gag. We prefer music that primarily is piano or piano ensemble based but we also accept non piano music ensembles.

Promotional Content

You may submit what amounts to be a commercial or promotional video of your music so long as it contains content of interest that entertains and educates the viewer. For instance, if this is your video; “Hello, I’m Jane Smith. I am a great musician! Use me!” we will not accept your video. Whereas if you actually perform and convey to the viewer something unique and interesting about your music, then we will post your video.


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